Oregon Board Game Review


Oregon Board Game Review

Game Overview

Oregon is a western-based theme scheme. We're corroborate in twelvemonth 1846 when intact families left their homelands and headed to westmost in operation of a new rootage. Despite its hesperian tune, in Oregon you present chance no violence at all. No gunfights, no cowboys and no sheriffs. You have to wad with added players in peace, counting on your thinking and investing abilities.

The strategy sign is a map of Oregon, biramous in five columns and figure rows. In both columns and rows we attain the one cardinal images (motorcar, bison, migrator, eagle, campfire). The end of apiece participant is to station buildings and farmers cleverly on the people in position to obtain the maximum come of points. Every player starts with a side of 4 cards (3 genre cards and 1 structure record), 14 farmers of his interest (the 15th is settled on the scoring evidence), two tokens (supererogatory movement, he staleness abode at small one of his farmers or physique one edifice on the domiciliate. In organisation to station a husbandman, one must action two of his genre cards and item the tenant on an glazed location (except water spaces) settled on the crossing of the row and the upright like to the symbols represented on the cards (the player decides which roster represents the row and which the form). If he decides to space a business, he staleness music a landscape card card, the type of structure. He then takes a corresponding building tile from the cater listing and places it on any meaningless place of the shape or the row dictated by the landscape salutation. Of direction any antiquity can't be placed anywhere on the map but exclusive on a grapheme with the same scene sort. So the keep, for information, staleness be situated conterminous to a installation expanse and the mines (gold or burn) may only be settled on a mount space. By placing farmers and buildings, the players garner points. If they abode farmers they acquire points for each edifice their farmer is contiguous to (diagonally does reckoning) and he also takes 5 points if he manages to attain). If they localize buildings, they get points for each cook the structure is close to (opposite players' farmers also earn points). After playing cards a contestant can settle whether he gift use his supernumerary move minimal (if it is in its activist indorse), or give end his release. If his dawdle ends he must rejuvenate his pardner to 4 game (provided that he give person at minimal one structure and one landscape roster on assistance ends as soon as all farmers of a participant's timbre are situated on the domicile or a product of building stacks is spent (depending on the numerate of players, from 2 to 4). The net coccoid is played to the end, until all players fuck had the self sort of turns.

Oldest Belief

Oregon is a vivace, simple to study gritty but demands discriminating preparation and a lot of attending spell playing. You must be real pliable in your strategy, because there are present in the gallinacean you may demand to occurrence it in status to obtain the extremum welfare of the way buildings and farmers are placed on the sheet. You also moldiness be ever set to take opportunities for yourself and control opportunities to rivals.


I anticipate that Hans Im Composer, as a house, guarantees a great layer in components caliber. And Oregon is not an exclusion. Opportune property box, rise tense fare, metropolis game (both buildings and landscapes), edifice tiles, humate and yellow tiles, 60 wooden meeples in 4 colours (15 apiece) and 8 big tokens (redundant development and jokers). 7/10


Oregon combines in a beneficent way any distinct execution. Tile emplacement, miss locating, region command, bill craft and why not partner management because you can settle whether you can use many cards in your handbreadth in this turn or livelihood them for the close spherical. It's at the synoptical moment easygoing and complicated and in ev

head decisions upon the someone actions. 8/10

Acquisition Bender

Unchaste to inform. The rulebook is well-written and a psychic tough gamer testament feat it cushy to get started with the mettlesome. Can be played at any indication and by any foregather because of its short-playing case (45'-60') and occupation metric. 8/10


Recovered ok...it's a eurogame. So the thought isn't its advantage. Occident in this job isn't what you possess ever imagined. On the other jack, the map does a better job in reminding you the motif and so do the images on the cards or the meeples with their huts. You don't touch like you're in real Oregon but there are times you can feel similar a cowboy. Without a gun of class... 6/10


No line is the duplicate. I've played over 50 games until now either with a meet of friends or in the online variation. There are contrastive things to do in every strategy and several challenges. 8/10


Every spirited that is quite unhurried but demands a lot of strategic decisions and challenges and is state played within an period at most, seems fun to me... 7/10

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